The events in Odessa at 12 June 2021

Škodova Gora and cave houses with Where Are We Going?

12 June 2021, 10:15
category: tour
from 200 to 300 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

Friends! We invite you for an exciting walk into the "dark past" of our city!  What awaits us:  Walk along the path of the greenest Odessa tram!  Cemetery of the Sotnikova Sich!  Catacombs of the Kuyalnik village, cave houses (abandoned and inhabited!).  Parking lot of the partisan detachment of Girsha Furman and Secret bases of modern partisans!  Shkodova Gora, irrigation fields!  Scary finds!  Stories about crocodile hunting, oil mining in the catacombs and more! ! Conducted by Vlad Maslenko, accompanied by Evgeny Grinkevich! Saturday 12 June at 10:15 am. Start: st. Balkovskaya, 1 B (Kherson square), the terminal of the 20th tram. Price: 300 UAH. - adult, 200 UAH - children under 12 years old. Additional expenses: travel by tram, take water, snack. ⏰Duration: 4 hours. !!! The dress code is for marching. Keep in mind that part of the route goes through the grass with thorns and spikelets! Inquiries and registration by phone +38 096 142 13 79 (Viber, Direct, Telegram, WhatsApp). It only seems to you that you know Odessa! 

The poster of the event — Škodova Gora and cave houses with Where Are We Going? in Location