The events in Odessa at 12 June 2021

Bachelorette weekend: crash and breathe

12 June 2021, 08:00
category: more
from 2000 to 2500 UAH
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⚡️ They say it's great on Mars. But while Elon is only looking for confirmation of this, we have found a place where it is proven cool. It's warm, calm, close to the sea, and almost no people. Koblevo-Mars - 1: 0. ⠀ Whatever you say, work, study, pandemic and everyday life literally squeeze everything out of you. How long have you been on holiday for real? Without a TV series and Instagram? Without “I'll just work a little bit, so what, what’s Saturday”? How about how you feel? Events, pandemic, Telegram chats - information overdose at every step. In the midst of so much noise, it is difficult to track who you are and hear "I'm tired." ⠀ Come with us on the weekend to do whatever you want: shade, play badminton, chop wood or dive into the sea. If you want, shout on the beach about how tired you are of deadlines, got out of your ex, or you want to isolate yourself, if you want, read a book while lying on the grass. Or talk to us about Why Women Kill - if only you were cool. ⠀ Only one condition: no smartphone. These two days are about you and for you. Work and business will wait until Monday (if it's a matter of life and death, let's agree).  We missed being offline a lot! It's time to network again, find new girlfriends and remember how good it is to disconnect from the bustle of the city and take time for yourself.All inclusive be like program: we swim in the sea, barbecue, do yoga, drink champagne, practice freewriting and bracelet therapy, prepare cocktails ourselves in the bar, watch a night movie, dance until morning, talk with psychologists, work out our requests and just have fun all two day. We will learn about sexuality, learn to breathe properly and take stylish pictures. ⠀ The cost of your two-day trip is 2500 UAH. For the first ten early birds, the ticket price is UAH 2,000. ⠀ So grab your girlfriends, a swimsuit, cards (you can Tarot) and let's go burst into summer. ⠀ Don't forget: life is a story about love, not about constant fuss ♥ ️ Put + under the announcement - we will write you more details about the event in a personal  If you want to clarify information or ask a question, beep Zhenya in Telegram: +380931511753

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