The events in Odessa at 17 June 2021

IV meeting of the Odesa C ++ user group

17 June 2021, 18:30
category: online
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On June 17 at 18:30 we invite you to the IV meeting of the Odesa C ++ user group! Among the speakers who will present their reports is Alexander Dyachenko (Sr. C ++ Developer at AB Soft). Speakers and Topics: 1. "How to write a perfect logging library" Alex Dyachenko - Sr. C ++ Developer (AB Soft). Alex is a developer with more than 20 years of experience in embedded and desktop programming, will share his knowledge about logging. Implementation details will be discussed in C ++, but most of the ideas are applicable to other languages. 2. "An introduction to Address and Thread sanitizers. Types of bugs to be caught, typical examples, methods of application on a project". Sergey Polyakov - over 10 years in the IT area, proficiency working with C ++ since 2018. For the last 3 years used sanitizers (Address, Thread, UndefinedBehavior) in the Automotive area. ______ The meeting will be held online. The link to the meetup will be sent to the mail only to registered listeners. We ask you to register:

The poster of the event — IV meeting of the Odesa C ++ user group in Location