The events in Odessa at 13 June 2021

Detective game / Case No. 4 "New Life"

13 June 2021, 17:00
category: the game
from 150 to 400 UAH
place: Restaurant-bar "Honey and beer" (4 Chernyakhovskogo St)

Well, detectives, are you ready to solve a new crime?  This time the criminals encroached on the sacred - they shot at our colleague, detective Eric Fisher. Moreover, they also tried to frame the case as suicide. Fortunately, Eric survived, and his partner, Charlie Haley, asks us to help in the investigation, since he himself is not sure that he will not shoot the criminal on the spot as soon as he finds him. And you and I are quite impartial, aren't we?  Registration for June 13: 螺 Cost of participation in the investigation: 150 hryvnia per detective. But at least 400 hryvnia per team. ✅ Check "I'm Going" to stay updated on the news! ️‍♂️ Saint Twins Detective is a completely new type of leisure in Odessa! This is a two-hour immersion in the atmospheric history of film noir, a challenge to ingenuity and attentiveness, as well as an unforgettable team adventure. The stake is high: within a limited time, your team must find answers in a complicated case, otherwise the criminal will escape justice. How is the game going?  At the very beginning, detective agencies receive the materials of the case to be disclosed, the latest issue of the St. Twins Times newspaper and the address book of the city of St. Twins.  Within two hours, agencies use the address book and the game system (the site through which the game passes) make so-called "trips", collecting evidence, testimony and other information that helps in solving the case. ✍️ After two hours, detective agencies build their version of what happened, and then find out what really happened. When determining the winner, both the correctness of the versions put forward and the number of trips made are taken into account (the fewer, the better). What do you need to play the game?  At least one smartphone with internet access (pre-charged) ‍ Company from 3 to 8 people. If suddenly you have more people who want to play, then it is better to split into two detective agencies in order to compete with each other. An event not to be missed ... We all look forward to Saint Twins! Telegram channel: Instagram: #DetectiveGame #SaintTwinsDetective #Odessa detectives #StTwins

The poster of the event — Detective game / Case No. 4 "New Life" in Restaurant-bar "Honey and beer"