The events in Odessa at 14 June 2021

Themed quiz in the style of the 90s!  Offline and Online

14 June 2021, 20:00
category: the game
from 100 to 150 UAH
place: Restaurant-bar "Honey and beer" (4 Chernyakhovskogo St)

Friends, we continue the summer entertaining and nostalgic series of Back to ... quizzes, and next Monday we will have a Thematic Quiz in the style of the 90s!  Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, Michael Jordan and El Kravchuk, Buffy and Xena, Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys, Lenya Golubkov and Ivanushki International - welcome to the nineties with The Quiz Odessa!  The game will take place in parallel in two versions:  Offline  Restaurant "Honey and Beer"  (Chernyakhovsky street, 4)  Participation fee: 150 UAH per person  Online  Location: in any place convenient for you   Participation fee: 100 UAH per person  Payment: transfer to card:  4149-6293-1658-7534 (PrivatBank)  Start: 20:00 (the first question will be asked at 20:05)  Registration:  Contact phone: +38 (050) 916-01-77 What you need to do to take part in the game:  we assemble a team of up to eight people  ̶i̶d̶ё̶m̶ ̶i̶ ̶п̶o̶k̶u̶p̶a̶e̶m̶ ̶а̶k̶ts̶i̶i̶ ̶А̶О̶ ̶ "̶М̶М̶М̶" ̶  register a team using the link:  or call  + 38 (050) 916-01-77, and we will register you ourselves  we send a message to all friends on the pager that the game will be played in parallel in two formats - offline, in Honey and Beer Restaurant  (Chernyakhovsky street, 4) and online, via broadcast on the Internet   we are going on Monday, June 14, at 20:00  play and have fun! See you on Monday! Come, it will be interesting!  #thequiz #thequizodessa # quiz # quizodess # dashing nineties # 90s # announcement

The poster of the event — Themed quiz in the style of the 90s!  Offline and Online in Restaurant-bar "Honey and beer"