The events in Odessa at 17 June 2021

Short film "OSCAR SHORTS-2021"

17 June 2021, 21:30
category: movie
from 100 to 150 UAH
place: Green theatre (Shevchenko Park)

17 worms, 21:30 Short Meter "OSCAR SHORTS-2021" Crunch: So, so, tse won! Collection of the most beautiful short films for rock after the version of the American Film Academy! "Oscar Shorts - 2021" is a unique opportunity to look over all 5 lines-nominations for the great screen, that one to whom the memorial statuette was given for. Program: BILE OKO / WHITE EYE Country: Izrail, 2019 Duration: 20 min. Director: Tomer Shushan Starring: Daniel Sad, Davit Tekelaeb, Reit Akerman, Amir Busheri, Muhammad Abu-Leil Cholovik know his bike steals, or turn it more expensively, lower it off.  GIFT / THE PRESENT Land: Great Britain, Palestine, 2020 Duration: 24 min. Director: Farah Nabulsi Cast: Saleh Bakri, Mar'yam Kanj A shopping tour to the West Bank of the Yordan River will wrap up on a neat road, if the gift of a lady on a party will become a matter of fact. VIDCHUVATI NASKRIZІ / FEELING THROUGH Country: USA, 2020 Duration: 18 min. Genre: Drama Director: Yesґ Roland Starring: Steven Preskod, Robert Tarano Blukayuchi New York, in need of children to get out of the deaf, like to eat before home. KIMNATA FOR SHEETS / THE LETTER ROOM Country: USA, 2020 Duration: 33 min. Genre: Comedy Director: Elvira Lind Starring: Oscar Isaac (trilogy of sequels "Dawn of War", "Vseredini Lewin Devis")It’s not good to be transferred to a robot in a room for leaves, a teacher who’s very much involved in the special life of one stuck. TWO DISTANT STRANGERS Country: USA, 2020 Duration: 32 min. Genre: sci-fi, drama Director: Trevon Fro, Martin Desmond Row Starring: Joey Badass, Andrew Howard Having drunk into the loop for an hour, Carter is anxious to know and to relive a deadly little bit with a policeman, as it is impossible to check on the road to the house. The short film program OSCAR SHORTS-2021 is provided by the Arthouse Traffic company. Partner of the Green Theater cinema section - Vilki-Palki online restaurant

The poster of the event — Short film "OSCAR SHORTS-2021" in Green theatre