The events in Odessa at 25 July 2021

Great Gucci Day

25 July 2021, 11:00
category: for children
from 200 to 300 UAH
place: The Museum Of Interesting Science (PR-t Shevchenko, 4E)

25.07 Great Gucci Day! Beats in the drums, scream and freeze the buzz, robit to the end of the fair vibuhs and ask a lot of food - Does your child love everything? Mi vinaysli sposib tsіkavo and funnily spend an hour with our whole homeland!  Let the children grow up and grow up: how the sound will pop up, what is my chuєmo, how is the sound recording and what a lot of it!  Meister-class by rhythms, stem and grі on musical instruments.  Nayguchnіshі vidi creativity  Lectures and guchny vibukhovs to ✨ In the programs: drums, matalophon, hang, spinning bowls, Rubens' trumpet and grayscale from the end of the line and Tesla attachments. ✨ And in the evenings you check out the majesty of science guchne 18:00 Show from the Great Experimenters of the Museum!  The price of a ticket is 300 hryvnias for a child and 200 hryvnias for grown-ups

The poster of the event — Great Gucci Day in The Museum Of Interesting Science