The events in Odessa at 26 July 2021

Vladimir Ostrlvsky "Frida Kahlo"

26 July 2021, 19:00
category: lecture
350 UAH
place: The Agency experiences Odessa Factory Group (Preobrazhenskaya St., 11)

Frida Kahlo is an amazing woman who turned her inner world into works of art. “On the misted glass, I drew a door with my finger and through this imaginary door, full of joyful impatience, I slipped out of the room. friend. "I no longer remember her face, I do not remember what color her hair was. But I remember that she was cheerful, laughed a lot. With a low laugh. She was dexterous, danced as if she weighed nothing. And I danced with her and told her all my secrets ... " This is how the artist wrote about her imaginary double. The doppelganger who had been with her all her life. We will learn even more about her life, ups and downs on July 26 at 19:00 on Preobrazhenskaya, 11 Register by the link: Price: 350 UAH (the ticket price includes tea / coffee / wine and dessert) Inquiries by phone: 050 50 111 40

The poster of the event — Vladimir Ostrlvsky "Frida Kahlo" in The Agency experiences Odessa Factory Group