The events in Odessa at 06 August 2021

Ballet "Taumnitsya of the Viennese Lisu" / "The Secret of the Vienna Woods"

06 August 2021, 19:00
category: play
from 50 to 650 UAH
place: The Opera and ballet theatre (Tchaikovsky lane, 1)

TRIVALITY 1 year 30 hilin Ballet on two stages. Libreto of the Honored Artist of Russia Yuriy Vasyuchenko. Costume designer - Natalia Badanina. Diya persha Austrian Imperial Dvir virishuє sell Vidensky Lis, abi reopen the treasury. The new vashnik is the plan of the tree. Keeper of the Hashi Troll clicks of the fossil spirits and dyads. All at once the stench virishuyut, as zapobigti the wretchedness of his dwelling. In the Imperatorsky Castle in front of the Week they are giving a ball. Guests are circling around waltzes, dancing polkas. Tim hour the ruler of Austria will negotiate with the merchant Josef to please the sales of the fox. The proprietor of the ball is the cunning Troll. Winning at the dance Maria, named Joseph, with the crown prince Rudolph. Yunak and the dvchina zakhoyuyutsya one in one look at first glance and home about the poach at Videnskiy Lisy. It is sacred to end. Іmperator signed a document for the sale of a Lisu. Josef and his friends are unique to a shin on a knot to please. Maria and Rudolph are attending the same hour in the fox. Having hoarded one by one, the stench goes to the shred. Zakokhanikh pom_chak Joseph. In gnіvі vіn throw with a knife on the descending throne. Marya intercepts that path and receives a fatal blow ... Dyvchina is dying in the arms of Rudolph. Diya friendRudolph summed up his kohan. Three fox fairies - Vodi, Vognyu and Poitrya - intend to take the prince away to the world and zabuttya. However, we must rely on this charm. Troll proponu yunakovі pleasing: youmu turn Marya, like a boy to seize the fox from the virubka. Prince kidaє wiklik to Joseph. All the fools will help Rudolph. Nareshty recklessness is defeated. Charity spirits turn the crown prince yogo kohan. All at once to celebrate the victory of good, light and beauty.

The poster of the event — Ballet "Taumnitsya of the Viennese Lisu" / "The Secret of the Vienna Woods" in The Opera and ballet theatre