The events in Odessa at 21 September 2021

Meeting with the writer and Honorary Odessa citizen Alexander Lozovsky

21 September 2021, 18:00
category: recital
place: The world club of inhabitants of Odessa (Marazlievskaya str., 7)

At the Creative Meeting, Alexander Mikhailovich will present the audio version of the novel "Fantasy", talk about the "Sentimental Story", which is published in the new issue of the magazine "Rainbow", and introduce us to the new edition of the novel "Lucky Mitya" from the "Books of Lozovsky" series. The Creative Meeting will be attended by the Editor-in-Chief of the "Rainbow" magazine Yuri Kovalsky. The evening is hosted by Valery Khait Alexander Mikhailovich - writer, publicist Honorary citizen of Odessa, laureate of the Vladimir Dahl Prize, the magazine "Raduga" and N.V. Gogol. Ukrainian association LIK (Literature, art, cinema - XX century) named one of his books the best novel of the year in Russian. Alexander Lozovsky - the owner of the title "Honorary Odessa citizen", which the World Club of Odessa citizens awarded Alexander Lozovsky back in 2009, stood at the origins of the famous student theater "Parnas-2" together with Roman Kartsev, Victor Ilchenko and Mikhail Zhvanetsky, worked as a leading designer in various SKB Odessa, Alma-Ata, Moscow, and having become a citizen of Israel, he worked most often not by profession ...According to the author himself, life shook him throughout the Soviet Union and it was this accumulated experience that at a certain moment, at a fairly mature age, made him take up the pen. His novels are distinguished by a gripping plot, which, from the first pages of the narrative, captures all the attention of the reader and holds throughout the entire narrative. Probably, thanks to this rare skill of the author, a close and fruitful cooperation with the Kiev magazine "Raduga" was born, in which all the novels of Alexander Lozovsky were published: the first "Formula of Success" and the next twelve! In the annotation to the book “In Zero Gravity,” Mikhail Mikhailovich Zhvanetsky wrote: “I never thought that the story of my old friend would make such an impression on me. Read it. These are our people in not our lives. It is our friendship that breaks the authors. These are our marital ties that break the heroes. This is our experience and our instinct. In general, those who left are right. And those who stayed are right. Happily. From what is left, your Zhvanetsky. " At a creative meeting in the East Kazakhstan region, Alexander Lozovsky will present an audio version of our favorite Fantasy. It is about him that the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine "Rainbow" Yuri Kovalsky said that this is a very diverse novel - it is philosophical, scientific, everyday, and psychological ... Everyone who starts reading it will feel like a part of it. This is a book about the fact that even in the most difficult moments one cannot lose faith in the best, this is a novel and how to become a writer - everyone who wants to start writing will be interested in it.We invite you to get acquainted with the secrets of the literary skill of an Odessa citizen, a talented writer, a great friend of the East Kazakhstan region Alexander Lozovsky on September 21 at 18.00! Free admission.

The poster of the event — Meeting with the writer and Honorary Odessa citizen Alexander Lozovsky in The world club of inhabitants of Odessa