The events in Odessa at 21 September 2021

Black Sea Music Fest / Hobart Earl i Petro Andershevsky

21 September 2021, 19:00
category: concert
from 50 to 500 UAH
place: Philharmonic (Bunina str., 15)

Spring 21, 2021 is the occasion of the Somogo International Music Festival Black Sea Music Fest, which has been held since 2014 by the instrument of the festival's art director, People's Artist of Ukraine Hobart Yerl. This festival is a popular musician, Polish-Hungarian pianist Petro Andershevsky. Petro regularly plays at the Viennese Koncerthaus, Berlin Philharmonic, Vigmor-Holi, Carnegia-Holi and In. Spіvpratsyu with the Berlinsky Sovereign Chapel, the London Symphony Orchestra, the NHK Symphony Orchestra, the European Chamber Orchestra and the Camerata Salzburg Orchestra. 2000 rock - exclusive artist of Warner Classics. The director Bruno Monsenjon is aware of the pianist of the film “Petro Andershevsky Gra Variation on the Theme of Diabelli” (2001) and “Unsettled Mandarin” (2008). In 2016 rotsi Andershevsky became the director of the film "Mon Im'ya - Warsaw". Laureate of the IM. Irving Gilmora, Im. Karol Shimanovsky and the prize of the Royal Philharmonic Society. Sunday 21 at 19:00 at the Viconnía Petra Prolunє Concert No. 5 for piano with Beethoven's orchestra, as well as in the program of the evening you can enjoy Haydn's Symphony No. 49. The conductor is Hobart Earl, People's Artist of Ukraine. _____ Tickets -

The poster of the event — Black Sea Music Fest / Hobart Earl i Petro Andershevsky in Philharmonic