The events in Odessa at 27 November 2021

Mysto my dynasty

27 November 2021, 19:00
category: play
from 40 to 200 UAH
place: Ukrainian theater (street Pasteur, 15)

Mysto my dynasty vistava for 2 days, behind the "Old Budinka" Htos stverdzhu, scho Odessa is not a misto, but Paradise. It seems that Odessa is a good place to enchant an oasis in the wasteland of Space. And what about the clothes? And the stench is just to live here. I, slyly, laugh, if you smell Cherg's little little about yourself ... And how to live the stench, what to live, how to dyhayut? Protse, no matter how hard it seems, it’s like that three talented and young todians from Odessa - Georgy Golubenko, Leonid Sushchenko and Valeriy Khayt - were shooting. I was called її "Old Budinka". I staged the leading role of the legendary Mikhailo Vodyany. Scho th kazati, forgotten by the bagat! I fell in love so much, even ten years later in our theater, staging Igor Ravitskiy's performance, and having sounded in the new name “Mysto mogo ditinstva” - in a new way, but they didn’t have yet to be glorified for the hour That Odesy people from Odessa will show our beloved and native Odessa on the stage. Wait a minute, wonder and listen. Authors: G. Golubenko, L. Sushchenko, V. Khait Stage Director: People's Artist of Ukraine Igor Ravitsky Scenography and costumes: Oleksandr Gorenstein Choreographer: Pavlo Ivlyushkin Genre: vistava on 2 days Premiere: October 5, 2011 rock Diyovi individuals and viconavtsi: Maria Ivanivna, head for the sake of a booth: People's Artist of Ukraine Olga Ravitska, Honored Artist of Ukraine Tetiana GlushchenkoZakhar Oleksiyovych, old sailor: Honored Artist of Ukraine Pavlo Shmarov Ernest Borisovich, Collegiate Actor: Honored Artist of Ukraine Igor Gerashchenko Alizaveta Semenivna, yogo squad: Olena Kochergina Andriy, sin Maria Ivanivni: Pavlo Primak Timofiy Kuzmich, shoemaker: Bogdan Parshakov Luna Ostapchuk, footballer's squad: Honored Artist of Ukraine Ninel Natocha, Iryna Besarab Sonya Ostapchuk, football player: Volodymyr Romanko, Oleksandr Koval Galya, student: Iryna Bessarab, Tetyana Parshakova-Sakovska Stepan Sukhorukov, bulldozer driver: Oleksandr Samusenko Listonosha: Mikhailo Gritikerkaska, Alla Brodska

The poster of the event — Mysto my dynasty in Ukrainian theater