The events in Odessa at 29 November 2021

Webinar "Grants for business"

29 November 2021, 12:00
category: online
place: Entrepreneurs Support Center "Diya.Biznes I Odesa" (st. Greek, 1a)

Pragnete vіdkriti bіznes, broadened virobnіstvo to go to new markets, аlѕе dеmа nοt fοr thе implementation οf projects? Know how to approve a grant from international, national and regional funds on the webinars "Grants for Business" by Marmoyany Kobel. On the webinars we will talk: Why don't you need a grant? You can apply for grants The number of cases for grant aid can be recognized from donors. Yak otrimaty $ 75,000 for an ear of vlasta right Okhto maє visoki chances to reimburse a grant for your business activity chi really play a grant in a short hour v yaki fondi varto apply for 2021-22 rockakh, schob otrimati grant Yakim is guilty buty your project, schhob vigrati grant Hyak shukati grants programs for business Yak pidgotuvati and apply for a grant Who will be happy to receive a message? For quiet, hto: Khoche vіdkriti business planuє pribati nove possession bazhaє expand virobnitstvo pragne go to new markets Мрі about the reorientation of the Vlasny business Mar'yana Kobelya - an expert in the field of receiving grant projects for business, community, government, director of the consulting company "Development Center" CHAS ZMIN " "Active Citizens" BRITISH COUNCIL, expert of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. 29.11 12:00 Online Zoom / broadcast Free of chargeReadstration for contributions

The poster of the event — Webinar "Grants for business" in Entrepreneurs Support Center "Diya.Biznes I Odesa"