The events in Odessa at 12 October 2019

Meetings and discussions with lectures, Dmitry Trotsky

12 October 2019, 15:00
category: more
200 UAH
place: The development center "the heart" (Troitskaya street, 21)

We are very close and in tune with the vision of Dmitry Trotsky. We will be very glad to dialogue and cooperation with people who feel it too. For those who are familiar with the great man and master Dmitry Trotsky, viewed the lectures or participate in workshops, and who wants to clarify some issues, we invite to meetings and discussions. From my experience I can say that the same information can be perceived by man in different ways. Your perception is influenced by many factors, including environment, emotional state and internal readiness. Through participation in the group, you can hear the experiences of other participants and to understand what actions affect a qualitative change in life, and which on the contrary inhibit transformation. You will have the opportunity to: - share your experience; - to discuss the difficulties on the path of self-transformation; - get feedback and support from participants; - to disassemble the classical examples and problems faced by practitioners; - to gain friends and adherents; - stay in a warm and friendly company; - keep a diary of awareness, and take notes. What happens at the meetings? On the big screen, we will consider a fragment from a lecture of Dmitry and in a safe range, let us examine whatever I saw and felt. The meeting duration is 2 hours. Registration fee - 200 UAH. We would appreciate your registration - this will enable us to create for you comfortable conditions and choose the appropriate topic Meetings are held with the permission of Dmitry Trotsky. See you in Saturday at 15:00 in TH Center of the "heart" at the address: Odessa city, Troitskaya street, 21. For any questions, call: 073-066-87-99 Elena

The poster of the event — Meetings and discussions with lectures, Dmitry Trotsky in The development center "the heart"