The events in Odessa at 12 October 2019

Tin Soldier Workshop

12 October 2019, 16:00
category: for children
place: Psychological center "Mriya" (Gagarin plateau 5A (Bldg. 2))

 12.10 at 16:00 ⚔️       MASTER CLASS TO CREATE TIN SOLDIERS       The workshop does not require a special level of training. Enough of your desire and a little accuracy. The wizard will prepare material blanks and necessary tools for you, help in creating a miniature figurine.              The second hour we hold a board game under the guidance of the host. Real battles involving tin armies. We provide an army of soldiers, a map, explain the rules. A freshly baked warrior can be tasted in battle.              The lesson will be interesting to adults and children. Create your own toy soldier of your favorite era. And your child will feel the delight of creating his own toy warrior with his own hands!              Age 7+       Duration 2 hours              Entry required 067-709-14-50

The poster of the event — Tin Soldier Workshop in Psychological center "Mriya"