The events in Odessa at 13 October 2019

Symphonic classics in the Cathedral / Organ and orchestra "Symphonietta"

13 October 2019, 18:00
category: concert
from 110 to 360 UAH
place: The Church (novoselskogo, 68)

Autumn Symphonies is a truly refreshing event that will surely give harmony not only to the ears, but also to the soul. Enjoyment, not evening!              Falling out of time with great music, stopping a wonderful moment in the sounds of an organ and orchestra under the arches of the Cathedral is an amazing resonance of a refined aesthetics.              The orchestral palette is the brightest and most colorful of all possible acoustic combinations in music. But it can also be made unexpectedly more voluminous by adding another “live” musical instrument, which is usually not part of the orchestra. Moreover, his own sound is often compared with orchestral.              It's about an organ. It has a sound power comparable to a large team of musicians, and the largest frequency range. The organ can resonate with the orchestra “on an equal footing” and harmoniously merge into familiar scores, giving them an unexpected depth.              Lovers of orchestral classics will enjoy yet another sound bonus - the voice and specific acoustics of the cathedral, giving sacredness and special significance to any sound canvas.              The program of this unusual concert is very diverse, the performing staff of the soloists is also interesting: Elena Udras / organ /, Stepan Makienko / cello /, Natalya Mazepa / violin /, Alina Rybina / soprano /, Mikhail Ksida / clarinet / and the SIMFONIETTA chamber orchestra / conductor and art Director - Stepan Makienko /              The concert is conducted by Elvira Palamarchuk               TICKET ORDER AND DELIVERY:       ► ArtBilet 093-989-78-59 and 78-340-88       ►► at the box office at 11 Tiraspolskaya

The poster of the event — Symphonic classics in the Cathedral / Organ and orchestra "Symphonietta" in The Church