The events in Odessa at 13 October 2019

Rieslings of Ukraine. Dry to sweet

13 October 2019, 11:00
category: tasting
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SET TASTING              We study wine.       Discovering new tastes.       We fill our wine memory.       We train receptors.              This is possible if you taste a lot of different wines.              The enoteca and tasting salon OLD OAK is preparing an unprecedented project, but for now we invite you to set tastings that are available at any time.              Tasting menu:       1. Riesling of Ukraine. From dry to sweet (5 samples) - 100 UAH;       2. Great seasoned Ukraine (5 samples) - 150 UAH;       3. Orange wines (6 samples) - 180 UAH;       4. Autochtones and rare varieties in Ukraine (7 samples) - 180 UAH;       5. Great blends of Ukraine (5 samples) - 150 UAH              Tasting of cheese and meat specialties - paid separately.              Number of participants from 1 to 10       Advance booking - will provide service on time!       Tel 0482-321032               097-8183161 (Viber; Telegram)       Where? Enoteca Old OAK (Bunina, 16, Odessa)

The poster of the event — Rieslings of Ukraine. Dry to sweet in Location