The events in Odessa at 12 October 2019

Workshop "The Third Way of Ukraine"

12 October 2019, 10:00
category: seminar/training
place: Co-working center "Impact Hub Odessa" (1A Grecheskaya street)

The third way of Ukraine: between the freedom of capitalism and the suppression of the state.              Practical seminar on paradigm shift in the economic, legal (social) and cultural spheres of society.               Dates October 12-13.        Location:       Impact Hub Odessa st. Greek, 1a               The workshop is hosted by: Jean-Pierre Caron, MBA degree from HEC Paris International Business School.       Founder and vice president of the first ethical bank in France since 1988.       Treasurer of the Terre de Liens Foundation, whose goal is the protection of land ownership and the development of young farmers. 30 years of experience in advising on the development of people and organizations.       He leads the group on social change: the necessary measures to improve the life of society, based on responsibility and solidarity.       Co-author of the report for the UN UNEP - United Nations Environment Program on money and values ​​"Banking based on the values ​​and the role of citizens."               Workshop program:               Saturday October 12, HUB Living Room (1st floor)       10:00 Introduction or Why talk about a social organism?       11:00 A few positive examples of cultural initiatives       13:00 lunch       14:00 Initiatives in the legal (social) sphere       16:30 Examples of initiatives in the economic sphere       17:30 Questions       18:00 End               Sunday October 13th, HUB Living Room (1st floor)       10:00 What to do with two global issues: Earth and Capital       11:00 What paradigm can we choose and promote?Questions and conclusions              The seminar will be useful to all seeking people from different spheres of society: civic activists, bankers, government officials, cultural figures or anyone who wants to change our society and wants to understand how.

The poster of the event — Workshop "The Third Way of Ukraine" in Co-working center "Impact Hub Odessa"