The events in Odessa at 10 October 2019

Intensive Training Boris Shevelev

10 October 2019, 10:00
category: seminar/training
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How to organize the radical growth of your business? Strategy. Leadership. The organizational management.On October 11-12.Boris Shevelev, a two-day TRAINING intensive! Only 25 seats! RegisterДля owners, managers, Directors and senior managers.Boris Shevelev - Business coach, Executive coach, consultant in strategy and change. Project Manager GrowUP, certified associate at the Adizes Institute phase 0-3Управляющий partner, founder and program Director of the consulting company HoresPro c 2012.Experience as a Manager, trainer, and consultant for over 12 years, including work in companies ranging from 20 employees to 150 thousand Finished Key Executive MBA Program at Lviv Business School.Among the clients: IdeaBank, Metinvest, GrandPersona, FFS, Bioplastik Ltd, Salve, Ametrie FK, Clover,Deol Partnrs, Media Group Ukraine, sycamore group, IS Baltic of stores and others.Specializiruetsya on the design and implementation of programs for leadership development, systems management, HR processes, training of managers and owners. Training program: 1.As of why create a strategy. The process of strategic management in your company○ The goal that decides the strategy for the company○ Implementation of the strategy: where to start. Strategy development: how to finish?○ The main mistakes made by the company in its strategic management○ How does the strategic process from A to z 2. How to look like a specific strategy of the company? The structure of the strategy○ What is the business model? Little things can ruin/change your company○ What kind of global strategy to choose: growth, defense, and consolidation? Cases how does a wrong strategy for the business○ Matrix Mancini, BCG and other tools that allow you to choose the type of strategy○ Development area of business: main business areas of the attacks of competitors, new horizons. How to identify and how to take into account in the strategy? 3. Mechanics and principles of organizational structure○ The secrets of building a successful organizational structure for companies in various industries and of various sizes○ Assessment of the manageability of the organizational structure of the company. The basic rules of structuring. The plane of the structure. The principles of grouping the branches of the structure○ Mobilizing structures: allocation of profit centers within the company. Cascading powers○ Authority and responsibility in the structure. Distribution, prototyping, implementation, control 4. Budgets and management accounts of the company○ The basics of the budget process.○ How to trace the expenses? How to calculate the budget?○ How to establish responsibility for budgets? 5. The company management system○ What is the difference between the management system and organizational structure?○ Conflict: nature and causes. How to make conflict constructive?○ The Board of Directors: functions, composition. The influence of company size and life cycle○ The system of strategic management and its “fit” into the organizational culture○ Working groups and decision-making 6. Development executives○ Diagnose the company's leaders: how to draw a portrait of management?○ The main factors of efficiency of management. ○ Developing leaders: managing teams, communication, objectives○ The skills of motivation, goal setting, monitoring employees different styles 7. The corporate culture of the company○ How and when “Culture eats strategy for Breakfast”?○ How to measure corporate culture and how the organization of the team affect the business?○ How to change the culture of the company: specific tools, without slogans. The philosophy of the company changes

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