The events in Odessa at 13 October 2019

Volunteering Update 2.0

13 October 2019, 17:00
category: lecture
place: Jewish youth center "Hillel" (Primorsky b-R, 9)

Any charity cannot develop without the help of people. There are professionals who do this every day. But only the mass participation of caring people makes any dream or idea capable of being realized.               October 13, we invite you to meet the Odessa Volunteer Community team, to learn how and how you can help. He will get acquainted with our projects, get interesting knowledge and just have a great time.              You will learn why volunteering extends life, how you can help and travel, how to reveal your talents, make new friends, do something meaningful and, finally, just grow on yourself, doing good deeds.              We will tell you how you can become a volunteer, coordinator or partner. If you have a desire to help, you are open, you want to share your experience and learn yourself - we need you                October 13 at 17:00        Hillel Odessa / Hillel Odessa (Primorsky Boulevard, 9)        Registration:              Being a volunteer is easy!

The poster of the event — Volunteering Update 2.0 in Jewish youth center "Hillel"