The events in Odessa at 20 November 2019

Does the world need a neurotic? / about mindfulness

20 November 2019, 19:00
category: lecture
100 UAH
place: The restaurant, co-working lecture "4City" (Kanatnaya str., 27/1)

A 3D version of Mona Lisa has appeared in the Louvre.              You probably missed this news, like so many others. Unless of course it is related to your business or work.              What else do you miss in your life because you work a lot?              You may not be aware yet, but in terms of brain processes, multitasking is a myth.              Our brain works differently. And in order to remain productive in 2020, it is important to “dive into oneself” and master such skills to perfection:              ▪ attention management       ▪ emotion management       ▪ management of the external situation       ▪ ability to hold on to the important (goals and values).              As you can see, in productivity there is a lot of “about you” and very little “about work”.              Do you want to learn how to enjoy completed tasks, to be a truly productive manager and at the same time to live a fulfilled life, maintaining a balance between work, family, leisure and personal time?              We invite executives, managers, small business owners, office employees and generally everyone who works hard for a lecture on mindfulness from Mindspot.              What will be at the lecture?              Theory. The conversation is about why everyone’s awareness today is loud, what’s the catch, what science thinks about it, about mindfulness and its role in 2020.              Practice. Tools for productivity and stress management. So you can try the practice of "taste"              Questions and answers. Prepare your questions, we will bring answers.               Presenter:Alena Stupina is a certified mindfulness practice instructor who has been teaching Mindspot mindfulness practice for two years, she conducts regular classes at the center, as well as a course on emotional well-being and business classes.              Read more:               When: November 20, 19.00.        Where: 4City, st. Cable, 27/1        Cost of participation: 100 UAH (payment by card or on the spot)        Registration (required):        For all questions: 0930789587, Katerina.

The poster of the event — Does the world need a neurotic? / about mindfulness in The restaurant, co-working lecture "4City"