The events in Odessa at 15 September 2021

Webinar "How does it feel to be truly mindful?"

15 September 2021, 18:00
category: online
place: The practice center mindfulness "Mindspot" (Nechipurenko pereulok, 4 (floor 7))

Today we know many tools for mental hygiene, including secular practices mindfulness How do we use them? And what result do we get in the end? Often these are formal practices, when we allocate a certain time and place, practice with an instructor or ourselves. In the course of practice, we get some kind of result - perhaps more stability, peace, clarity, concentration, balance. But life often changes little from this, have you noticed? We get up from the pillow for practice and "spill" all the precious developments - we continue to stick to the phone, endlessly absorb information, break down on loved ones in a burst of emotions, drive ourselves to burnout at work. Why then waste time practicing? What still needs to be done in order to preserve all that valuable that we get inside the practice? And how does it feel to be truly conscious in real life? We invite you to discuss this in a friendly conversation with Viktor Shiryaev at our webinar “How does it feel to be truly conscious? The path of a mindfulness practitioner "  September 15 at 18:00 Kiev / Moscow time ✅ Registration:

The poster of the event — Webinar "How does it feel to be truly mindful?" in The practice center mindfulness "Mindspot"